We have a large panel of Vastu Consultants who can provide all guidelines needed if a building / project has to be designed according to this ancient science. It is not to be confused with astrology; numerology; etc.

In some countries a parallel thought process is called Feng Shui.

“In the broad sense, Vastuvidya the traditional knowledge base of India concerned with the design and construction of artifacts – stationary and moving, large and small. Texts classify the artifacts into four major categories of vastu. Scientific knowledge, craft skills and artistic talents merge in the creation of all these artefacts, though in varying degrees. For example, planning a city or designing a building requires more scientific knowledge than skill in arts and crafts. In painting and sculpture, the Silpins should be first and foremost artists more than anything else, etc.” ….. Vastuvidhyapratisthanam, Kozhikode