Year: November 2012

Plot Area: 2045 sq. m.

Total Construction Area: 5060 sq. m. = 55000 sq. ft.

In continuation of the Master Planning assignment, this Lecture Hall Block was the first of the 14 proposed in our Master Plan.

This one block has 14 Lecture Halls / Tutorial Rooms of different sizes. We have designed in consultation with Director, Dr. Abhijeet Mukherjee and Chief Engineer Mr. Ajay Sharma, the following capacities:

  1. Tutorials for 60 students each – 5 numbers
  2. Lecture Hall for 90 students each – 6 numbers
  3. Lecture Hall for 120 students each – 2 numbers
  4. Seminar Hall for 240 students – 1 number

The block is designed in such a way that it has entries from different directions. The Seminar Hall is kept on first floor with direct access from outside for any public gathering. Below 240 Hall there are 2 units of 120 seats each. This small building also has one Student Lounge and eleven Faculty Rooms as well as one Faculty Lounge. Some class rooms have outdoor terraces too.