Civil Contractor: M/s Deepak Builders, Ludhiana


This project was envisaged on a total plot of 2.2 acres. In files this project is called ‘2.2 acre’. The project was chosen on the basis of a Design Competition held by Ludhiana Improvement Trust in 1998. After starting the project it comes to the knowledge of the architect that the full site is not in the possession of the Trust and court cases are on-going. Once the part of site was taken away the remaining plate appears rather out of place and inappropriate. In fact the total design of the architect appears vague or irrational. The architect has now suggested was to renovate in an appropriate and practical way to suit the available part site of 1.4 acre.

In the smaller site we can achieve 275 Car Parking spaces. Additionally we achieve Offices of 76000 square feet (7060 square meter) and Residential (Pent Houses) of 21000 square feet (1950 square meter). The project can only be useful after we modify it. Architect has provided very cost effective modifications.