Year: May 2011

Plot Area: 4470 sq. m.

Total Construction Area: 18580 sq. m. = 200000 sq. ft.

Contractor: M/s Tricon Builildon Pvt. Ltd.

The owner has two plots 287 & 288 totaling of 4470 sq. m. from HSIIDC (Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation) at an internal road T junction. For long time these plots were used as production facility under a shed. In around 2006 the State of Haryana decided to increase the FAR / FSI to 250% / 2.5 for IT use of the plots. It was a big jump from initial 60% / 0.6 permissions.

The architect Sunil Kumar Day started the process by the amalgamation of the two plots and subsequently a new Zoning Plan was obtained from HSIIDC. With the new Zoning Plan for the joint plot entry gate at the T junction was not mandatory anymore – so we avoided serious traffic issues. Now the client Mr. Surinder Mehta demanded that the new project has to be Vaastu wise (to follow the ancient knowledge / science of India for building norms and guidelines). For the purpose of Vaastu guidance client hired a consultant to comment on our design drawings. This additional scrutiny to the otherwise tight space program made it a very challenging design project.

The end result is a building that is 30 meter high (maximum allowed) with Central Atrium covering 12000 sq. m. and 3 basements of 6800 sq. m. These basements are required for parking cars as per local Building Bye-laws applicable for IT Buildings. There are 8 floors and each floor is different. Besides glass elevators of central atrium there is another set of lifts including a Service Lift. The Service Lift has direct approach from basement 1. Roof top is used for staff Cafe and Gym. A roof top pool was also planned by the architect near the cafe. Exterior is glass of different types and shades and Indian granite.

The building is awarded LEED Platinum by IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) in 2012. Then it was only the 3rd such building in Gurgaon.