The existing double height Hall on ground floor was built in 1993-1994 at Vasant Valley School at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. There is one more floor above used as administration office. The Hall cannot have any major sports arena as per acceptable norms. The Hall is not air-conditioned and has a mezzanine “viewing gallery” with a tiny spiral staircase linking the two levels – it was no way for students / teachers to move up and down. So the mezzanine became a dump yard for old furniture. The Hall had no stage provisions. Also Hall had small windows providing negligible light. Architect Sunil Kumar Day had taken-up this assignment on pro bono basis as a goodwill gesture to the school where his two kids had their education.

The architect provided multiple facilities and resolved most of the troubles and issues. For the mezzanine architect’s solution was to provide a large staircase from outside to link both floors. Also the mezzanine was built along the length – so was no place to send students to view any performances due to bad sight lines. Therefore the design solution was to use the long mezzanine as Changing Rooms  and Toilets for Girls & Boys accessible to all including those in the school Field too. AVL control room is now provided at the mezzanine with direct outside access from main staircase. Air Handling Unit (AHU) for the new central A/c of the Hall is kept at this mezzanine level.

In order to provide a Stage and associated Green Rooms some civil alternations were done. Retractable Seating system has been installed for turning the Hall into a fully equipped Auditorium. The back stage has access from outside Field also for any large stage show. Storage space for stack-able chairs is provided under the new window sills. Windows have been enlarged for more natural light. Motorized curtains have been provided on all external windows so that  the Hall can be used for auditorium.

It is a totally renovated outfit in contrast to its original looks that is now centrally A/c and very actively used every day. School Chairperson Mrs. Rekha Purie and Principal Mrs. Rekha Bakshi had provided full support for such a large scale renovation involving all services – electrical; plumbing; A/c; civil; false ceilings; internal & external paint finishes; etc. to mention a few.