Year: 2013

Plot Area: 456 sq. m. = 4900 sq. ft.

Total Construction Area: 4650 sq. m. = 50000 sq. ft.

Contractor: M/s Inderjit Singh (Client)

Green Building: Registered with USGBC for LEED Gold.

Structural Engineer: M/s Juneja Techno Consultants (P) Ltd.

Electrical Engineer: M/s Gian Consultancy Services

Plumbing & Fire Fighting Engineer: By Client

A/c Engineer: By Client

This 30 meter (100 feet) high building is the head-quarter of the builder Mr. Inderjit Singh. The plot is part of Firoze Gandhi Market on Firozepur Road facing Stock Exchange of Ludhiana and office of Improvement Trust, Ludhiana is on one long side.

The building is the first centrally air conditioned building of the Firoze Gandhi Market that has many SCOs and a few Booths. All SCOs (Shop cum Office) must have arcade in front except for corner ones. Our plot has a unique location and we had to leave ‘arcades’ on all 4 sides of the building to meet the local Bye-laws.

The space requirements of the client could easily be met in the upper two floors. So the remaining floors have been designed for leasing out. There are two basements also. The lower basement is for services – A/c; Pump Room; Water Storage; Electrical; etc. The upper basement is for storage. The architect Sunil Kumar Day has provided naturally lit office space on three sides and the common services are placed on the rear.

Each floor is designed in such a way that there can be 2 lease units without much effort. But if required up to 4 parts can be formed on each floor. For two tenants there is provision for large name boards on each floor near smoking balconies.

The roof has a terrace garden for the owner. The Maintenance Engineer and A/c Services are also on the roof. The building facade is DGU and Granite. Interiors of common areas and toilets, etc are provided by the builder in granite; teak and laminated ceilings. Tenants to provide interiors of their own leased areas. There is provision for a wall clock on two sides with 30- meter high display area on each side for commercial exploitation by the client.