The Car Park at Amritsar was also won in a competition that was held by Amritsar Improvement Trust (AIT) on a very small site of just about three quarters of an acre. The basic purpose of the Car Park with roads on two sides was to serve the adjoining Shopping Center that was also developed by AIT many years ago but without any consideration for car parking provisions. Lack of car parking facility had resulted in a ‘failed shopping center’.  After studying the problem, the architect had integrated the car park with the Shopping Center in such a way that the shopping arcades merge in the car park and the lift core can be easily used by shoppers as well. Second feature was to cover the cost of the car park complex with an efficient design with respect to number of car parking provided. The second feature is achieved by including shops on the two road sides now the parking is behind the shops.

Without doubt the sale of these shops by AIT has more than covered the cost of the car parking block. Additionally positive effect of the Car Park is the transforming of the failed Shopping Center into a highly popular destination.

The site was too small to include any car ramps. So an innovative method of ‘split levels’ was used to provide access to ground plus 4 levels and two basements. The total car parking spaces achieved are 200 and 180 spots for two wheelers.